February 08, 2007

Giant Spider

A Giant Space Spider is attacking the big cities and feeding off the blood of humans. Is there any body that can help! Or some thing like that.

Birddog thing

He needs a name too!


Im thinking of a name for him

Number five

painting in some of my sketches!


Ideas for a dream story, Good vs. Evil, some thing like that!

July 21, 2006

In the life of war

Samurai in battle.

my sleepy monster

The Under Water Mine Station

Shot of human mine station

Alien Sea Monster

Shot of Alien along the sea floor.

Day time Under water

I did a painting of the same shot but for night time. This one is the day time.

Night time painting of sea floor

Shot of sea floor at night time.

Under water miner

This is a shot of a miner at a human location.

Sea Aliens Nest

A Second shot of the sea aliens nest along the ocean floor.

Sea Aliens Nest

Shot of the Sea Aliens nest along the ocean floor.

Robot City in scrap plante

Low shot of the Robot City.

Humming birds.

Humming birds are one of my favorite birds, so I thought what the hell Paint one!

Evil space bugs attact!

Im a big fan of ugly crazy looking monsters and bugs!

to go where no ape has gone before!

I've had this story of mine, space ape! Well the story need some work but I have great ideas for it.


Characther design for 509 story.